Little Pals goal is to keep more pets in their homes, less animals in the shelters and reduce the number of 10,000 animals being euthanized daily. Adopt A Pet! Become a Foster! Donate!

We are a non profit organization. We depend on your donations to help us rescue dogs and cats being euthanized due to a lack of space to make room for new stray animals coming into shelters. All of your donation are tax exempt and can be claimed on your taxes. Thank you for your donation!

Little Pals does not take in owner surrenders, strays or wild animals. We consider ourselves the guardian angels for the animals who have been waiting longer to find their new forever home and have beaten all odds!  We are their last chance for their new life!

When considering owning an animal, you should remember that an animal is a life time commitment! (Their entire life!)  Your new pet is part of your family from the day it comes home until the day it crosses over to the rainbow bridge! Make sure you are completely committed to your new pet before you bring it home! Don’t forget to plan for the unexpected like, marriage, babies, moving, divorce and death! Be sure your pet comes with you no matter what the situation may be! Never get a pet for your children! Although the children can learn to be responsible and help out, ultimately you will end up being the pets primary care taker!